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My first blog in a while, as like I said in my first post, I tend to get excited about these things then leave them! I decided after sitting and reflecting, to write about my year.

I started 2010 in a small pub in Laxey, I remember my first words to be said in 2010 were “lets make this the best one yet”, although for mine and their relationship it may not have worked out that way, but 2010 has been an interesting year, full of twists and turns that have developed me into a much stronger and independent person, capable of saying when enough, frankly is enough.

Much of my personal reflection begins around March. This was possibly the most difficult month for me; I hadn’t felt as vulnerable as I was during this time before. This vulnerability was difficult for me and through a procession of messy developments I decided that it had to stop, for my own and their own sanity.

Through the year I have also come to realise just how wonderful my friends and family are. They were there through thick and thin, went out of their way to make sure I was ok. Sent texts to ensure I wasn’t going crazy and just listened to me rant, let me make awful decisions even if they warned against it but never said “told you so” when it inevitably went wrong.
I want to thank them, from the bottom of my heart, you are all wonderful, you know who you are and I will forever be thankful for your support in making me realise I am worth more.

In October, a rather dreary month at best, but a month which has made me realise a lot. How far one person will go for another after meeting them for just a few hours.
I met a wonderful person who since the day I inappropriately said “don’t worry, I can do it in the dark” to, (it was regarding pouring a drink in the dark, but consequently as time has moved forward, is now full of innuendo) has made me feel valued and beautiful, which for me is difficult to accept.
My relationship has moved very fast indeed but there is nothing I would change, except perhaps my inability to not let things from my past affect how I am at times. But I think he is willing to accept these, we all have silly emotions and acceptance is a sign of someone worth trying even harder to get over stuff for.

Overall, 2010 has been an emotional, draining and difficult year for me. Through one thing or another I have wiped clean, moved on, moved back, been surprised and am once again moving forward.
It has been like a hokey cokey of emotion, and although it has been hard, I wouldn’t change it because it has made me so much stronger and more determined to only accept the best, even if I do worry that it is too good for me.

Remember life is too short to hate, appreciate the good from everyone even if they have hurt you before, because you once loved them for a reason.
Keep in touch, because you never know when they may be gone forever and you never had the chance to hear how their life was going even if you are no longer necessarily part of it.

So in closing, embrace the bad because it makes you so much more appreciative of the good.
Hope you have a wonderful christmas, and enjoy 2011.

Lets make it the best one yet..

Much love.


Today is the 13th October and like many all over the world I am appreciative of the wonderful moments, relationships and have restored my belief in human kind.

The miners have lived, well survived below the ground for 69 days being saved almost two months ahead of schedule, albeit two months after the initial event.
The willpower and motivation that led to each of those miners being rescued and helped (as I write the 24th miner has been brought to safety) is inspirational.
In a world filled with hatred, war and prejudice this “good news” story has captured my better nature and I spent the day watching the events unfold, putting my work to the side to witness human kind helping each other.
I am a firm believer in fate and I believe this must have happened for a reason, perhaps only for the world to hold a mirror to itself and examine what we would do, how we would react, how/if we would help and just how wonderful technology can be sometimes.

I often complain about having to leave friends and family each time I go back to University, thinking it will be so long till I see the beautiful hills next, this put everything in perspective.
I hope I show the people I love that I do, I know until something like this happens you never appreciate the small things, even your freedom, but let us learn from the belief these miners and their families have.

The miners will have ill-health, and hard times ahead but the euphoria they will feel should allow us to look at our own life when we are having a bad day and think, “it’s not too bad after all”.

And as the Chileans celebrate their national achievement, I believe it is instead a global achievement. Bringing everyone together for once, a shared sense of happiness and emotional enlightenment and enjoy this moment, for once.

Much love.

So, this is another one of a numerous amounts of blogs I have attempted in the past few years, hopefully this will last(?!)

I am in the third year of a Drama degree at Queen Mary University in London, originally coming from the Isle of Man my University career has been a life changing experience and although I have enjoyed my time, it has made me appreciate the wonderful Island I originate from and intend to return to.

So far, third year has been packed, both emotionally and academically, and it’s only been three weeks!
This blog will be a place for me to ramble and express opinions and I hope they are just a little bit interesting!

My motto at the moment is ‘onwards and upwards’, so henceforth let’s go onwards…

Much love.